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Atlanta, GA


Greetings internet traveler! If you’re like most humans you have trouble expressing those things that make you all squirrely inside. Scientists call them feelings. Here you’ll find an array of handcrafted and uniquely designed greeting cards and accessories that can turn those awkward feelings into adorably awkward sentiments.

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You're a Ravenclaw - Birthday Card


You're a Ravenclaw - Birthday Card


Don't be jealous. Your buddy has the great fortune of being born into a house of logic, knowledge and lots of bird-themed swag. So don't do something as silly as wishing them anything unless you want their well-deserved look of superiority reigning over you. Instead just give them this card, complete with an above average number of delicious words for them to read.

Front: You're a Ravenclaw!
Inside:So forget birthday wishes. Here's to logically making a plan and taking definitive actions to make future plans come to fruition.

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All of our cards are printed on 70lb bright white 5.5" x 4.25" stock made with recycled materials. Each piece comes with one of our signature 60lb Electric Green self sealing envelopes and two Awcard Turtle sticker seals. How classy. Your card will ship in a sturdy 6"x8" self sealing cardboard mailer guaranteed to protect against bumps, nicks and raccoon attacks.